*points to bedroom* This is where we frick frack.

*points to kitchen* This is where we snick snack.

*points to living room* This is where we kick back.

*points to bathroom* This is where we shit shat.

*points to couch* This is where we chit chat.

*points to computer* This is where we click clack.

*points to shelf* This is where weknick knack.

*points to sex dungeon* This is where we paddy-whack. 

What a truly awful website this is



Ok, so I was watching supernatural season 2 episode 3 ‘Bloodlust’. Dean and Sam walk into a bar and have a ‘chat’ with the bar tender. This guy

Hang on

Is that

So I went back to the opening credits and

What is this fuckery?

Ty Olsson plays a vampire in this episode

Who helps kidnap Sam and is trying to reform

And here he is again in season 8

As Benny. The Vamp we all know and love…

Okay then

I’ll just leave this here…


1.08 Matt Is Samandriel